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"Jim was very helpful and realistic in his approach to me and I appreciated his honesty. The job was done in a timely manner at a fair price. I Highly recommend CMC Automotive Repair."  -David Louge

"My family has been going there for years. It has a good local feel. They are genuine and I believe they aren't just trying to come up with things wrong to get more money. The work is done quick and competently. I wish more auto shops were like this." -Clifford Kuehn

"Fair and honest company. Had a problem with my car that I chose not to fix and they charged me nothing for hours worth of diagnosis on my car. Couldn't have asked for more." -Nicholas D'Angelo

"First time customer, won't be the last. Jim and his staff were unpretentious, appreciative, and honest. Where I come from we call them 'good people.' " -Patrick Rossi

"I was very impressed with the friendly and honest support. They gave me all the options and costs before doing any work, and offered to give me the parts they replaced in case I wanted to inspect them myself. Best of all they are a locally owned business and not some auto repair chain. Next time I need any work done I'll go there and not even bother calling around. When you find an honest auto shop you stick with them." -Dan Florio

"Amazing place! Hope you will be lucky enough to find these wonderful people as they are the best and can't say enough wonderful things about them all. They have saved us much money over the years and are honest,quick, accurate and economical! Who could ask for more in a business." -Susan Reed

"Great work at fair prices. Very knowledgeable mechanics." -Leigh Waters

"They're good guys and I would like to continue servicing my own care with them. I'd also gladly refer my friends." - Bonnie Franke

"Excellent price, fast repair and I will 100% be back next time I need anything. I love honest and local places with good people." - Amelia Shea

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