Commonly Asked Questions

Q. If I should breakdown after business hours, how do I get my vehicle to you?
     A. Simply call our 24-hour towing service at (407) 321-2948.

Q. How do I know whether I'll be charged for repairs I am unaware of?
     A. Florida has the toughest repair estimate laws in the U.S. and CMC strongly supports these laws.  No repairs will be performed until you are thoroughly informed as to the nature and cost of the estimated repairs.

Q. I now you fixed my car, but how do I know what has been done?
     A. We understand the complexities of the modern systems on newer vehicles can be confusing to a lot of us, so we try to explain, with the help of displays we have, exactly what was done on your vehicle.  We also save your old parts for you inspection.  

Q. My vehicle needs repair, but I am a little short this month.  Can I arrange financing with you?
     A. Yes. Not only do we honor most major credit cards, we also have an arrangement with American General for a credit line up to $2,500.  We can have approval within one hour for credit-worthy customers.  After approval, just sign your contract and pick up your vehicle.  

Q. I have a mechanical warranty.  Do you honor this, or must I go to the dealer for repairs?
     A. We honor most extended breakdown warranties. 

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